What is Mind Power?

About 30 years ago I came across a seminar that was being held in our town about mind power and at that stage in my life all I knew about the mind was that it was the space in my head and on the top of my body. So, what is Mind Power?

Discovering My Mind

Discovering-the-LawsMy tennis coach in high school once gave me a cassette tape of Bjoin Borg talking about positive thinking, as well as stringing some words together to repeat to myself over and over again, which I now know were affirmations.

This was first introduction to the power of the mind which help me in my tennis as my dream was to play at Wimbledon but when the finance in the family got tight; my dreams faded.

Later in my life I wanted to start my own electrical contracting business and not knowing anything about starting one up, it was scary.

Having attended the seminar on mind power it was a great help in achieving my goal but too late for my tennis one.

Basic Principal

John Kehoe explains that everything is vibrating energy, thoughts included. Therefore, with our thoughts we can interact with the energy web of all reality and attract everything into your life that is needed to achieve our dreams.

The Six Law’s

1) Thoughts are real forces.Six-Laws

2) Law of Transmission.

3) Law of Attraction

4) Law of Control

5) Law of Insertion

6) Law of Connection

Thoughts are real forces

Every thought we think is a force of energy and is having an effect in our life. Thoughts are not just thoughts they are very powerful forces of energy interacting with the energy web.

Law of Transmission

The mind is a sending and receiving station of thought. Thoughts that we think do not remain with us they travel within the energy grid system, helping us solve challenges attracting to us other similar thoughts.

Law of Attraction

Thoughts that are thought with emotion attract similar and like thoughts to us, so any thought that is thought with emotion becomes super charged. Therefore, we have to become very careful thinking negatively as they tend to be emotionalized.

Law of Control

We are forever thinking thoughts but we have the power and the ability to entertain them or dismiss them.

Important: Don’t let the Mind Think You! We have the ability to entertain negative thoughts or not.

Law of Insertion

We have the power and the ability to insert any thought of any kind into our minds.

Every day think thoughts of happiness, inner peace and abundance. Work with this law, it is to your advantage.

Final Law, the Law of Connection

States that the inner world and the outer worlds are connected.

The inner world is the world of our thoughts, the outer world is the circumstances and the situations we find ourselves in. What we think affects what happens to us therefore we can control what happens to us by the way we control and direct our thoughts.

Practicing the Six Law’s

Spend 15 minutes contemplating the six laws, sit down somewhere quiet and really think about the law’s because at the moment your have only read them but your do not understand them. By doing this exercise, they will eventually become part of your sub-conscious mind working for your.

A Trick to change stubborn Negative Thoughts

When your have a negative thought that your cannot control, think of a stupid or funny add on to the thought that eventually your mind will not believe anymore and move on.

Understanding Negative thoughts, these thoughts are dangerous as your are starting to realize, being introduced to the concepts of mind power and with the Law of attraction being a law of nature, we need to immediately change our thoughts with the 4th and 5th laws of the mind.


Be careful of getting worked up to try to change them as they enter your mind because when your give them too much attention, they will attract other like thoughts at a fast pace, ignore them and move on. Also remember that we cannot go through life not ever having a negative thought, after all we are only human.

Understand that a negative thought is only an indicator, like the voice on your navigating device telling your that your are not on your path. Appreciate them and immediately correct your direction, without giving a second’s notice to where your went and move forward onto your desire.

Understanding Situations

Being trapped in a situation that your find hopeless, your have two choices, surrender or resign to it.

By Resigning, your are basically saying that your are giving up and it has a huge negative impact but by surrendering to the situation, your are giving the universe space to unfold as it sees fit as your have done your exercisers in setting your intentions. So, by surrendering your are putting your trust in the system, allowing it to unfold as it is designed for your success, if your understand the Laws.

Lessons Learnt

At the beginning of this article, I told your how my path in life discovered the mind power principles and how they helped me start my own business but I lost way.

Understanding the principles is one thing, really knowing them at a deep level is another, because as life happens, we get sent curve balls and under stress your subconscious mind takes. Without your releasing it, your old programming is back in full swing and your are back to your old habits.

It was only when I had lost my business and was doing the reflection on where it went wrong did, I release that I had stop doing the exercises and spending time with myself.

I had used the mind power principles to get what I had wanted and then thrown them away. If I had to plot my life in reverse, I could tell your where and when the wheels started becoming loose.

Conclusion, My Final Advice

Learn these principles, let them become who your are and always spend time in reflection of the laws throughout your life and not only when your want to achieve a goal, use them to maintain an amazing life.


Reading Material

Click on the picture below to collect a Free E-Book on the Secrets of the Subconscious Mind by John Kehoe, this will start your journey to truly understanding your Mind.




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  1. Clarence G Hanley

    Hi Barry,

    I liked reading through your site. It is useful, insightful, and gives thought and knowledge that can be very passive most times to each of us in our daily lives. It drills down through the epitaph of our mind and our soul, giving us a pathway to life itself. I like it.

    Mindpower and the laws of attraction have always been internal thoughts in my ongoing process in life. I haven’t dug as deep as you have in learning more about what makes each of us tick, but you have now made this information available to each of us, and though I have only touched some few bases in your projected writings and study for us all, I intend to do a bit deeper drilling down on your site. Thanks.

    About the esoterics of your site. I think when clicking the link to your site, it comes up nicely – and is near strikingly noticeable immediately. It tells what your site is about. However, I did long to see more pictures posted as I am more of a learning person by videos and pictures, and then I read the articles.

    You give us a lot of materials to help us get the full massage of the laws of attraction; you give us practice, training, and advice. This is very good. Your pages read and navigate very well. You tell us what mind power really is. Great!

    Overall, the site is very intelligible and a must-read project for all of us. It tells us a lot that we should know. So, thanks for allowing me into your training project and your post. I am following you. Great job.

    Easy Talk-with Clarence

    1. admin

      Hi Clarence
      Thanks a million for for comments, it really means a lot. I will definitely take your advice to add more pictures as I’m the same.

  2. Russ


    Great Article! It certainly is worth attending seminars and life coaching talks. Your article read well and was an interesting read. Keep creating quality content! p.s. never give up, even on your tennis dream.

  3. S Goad

    My wife has been telling me about the power of the mind for as long as we have been married. When I shared your post with her – all she could say was, “haven’t I’ve been telling you this?” With all the stress and curveballs that are being thrown at us now – your post is very timely. Your advice on not only learning the principles but let them become a part of you is very profound. I had quite thought of it that way before. You’ve been at 30 years? If someone where to start now, and practice diligently 15 minutes every day when could I hope to see a change?

    1. admin

      Hi S Goad, Thanks for your comment, it’s the other way round in my marriage. To answer your question, yes I have been at it about 30 years but I lost my way as life. It’s almost through hardship that we wake up and for me tell you that it will take you a month or a year will be wrong because I do not know your circumstance and where your mind is at this present time. All I can tell you is that make it part of you, believe in the laws, surrender and only when you have no more resistance to the laws will you start seeing the change, it really depends on yourself on how fast the change will come. Hint, use emotion when you are thinking positively. Regards Barry

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