What is Manifestation Magic About

This is a big question so let’s get the easy word out the way first. Like the word “Magic”, to me it means mystical, difficult to explain. The word “What” asks the questions and the Last word “About” defines the questions. Information is required on the subject of “Manifestation Magic”. Now coming back to the question what is Manifestation Magic About? I can tell it’s about learning, understanding, believing and using the principles of Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams and desires but because we do not use our 5 senses of smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste, it feels like magic.


We all want this magic to make our lives better. The only reason people usually desire to manifest prosperity is because it will give them a sense of FREEDOM.Freedom

Now from my previous blog post “Law of Attraction” we learnt that like attracts like, so the super simple trick you need to do is FEEL GOOD NOW. This actually means right now, no matter how messy or complicated your life may be at this moment in time. You have the power to take hold of the moment and manifest prosperity now. All it takes is a simple decision, choose your thoughts that you would like to offer the universe in order to attract like thoughts.

10 Ways to Start Now

1. Believe beyond what you can see

2. De-clutter your environment

3. Get specific on your desired amount and how it will manifest

4. Thank the Universe as if it has already manifested

5. Rise above limiting beliefs

6. Learn to love your money and celebrate prosperity

7. Identify and get creative with the way you wish to attract abundance

8. Surround yourself with inspiration

9. Create a vision board

10. Cultivate deep appreciation for everything

The Key is Vibrations

I have been on the subject of positive thinking for many years, setting goals, writing them down and when I look back it was a mission almost a daily task. Don’t get me wrong, what I set out or better still, what I wrote down I achieved. But looking back after things went horribly wrong in my life, it was when I stop doing these daily tasks as they were just that “TASKS” did the wheels fall off.

This is when I discovered the KEY, Vibrations. We must feel good about everything we do, enjoy each moment in which we live and feel good.Vibrations

In these feeling good moments, is when and where the magic happens. Your brain is inspired in these moments, you think more clearly and when you are happy, we can solve any challenge that comes our way.

Take a moment and ponder over your life, think about those moments that went pair shaped and then think about those moments that everything seemed to work out for you, without saying anymore on this point, I can say with confidence, I rest my case.

These moments when we are feeling on top of the world, is when we are in a high vibration state and this is the language of the universe, thus attracting good things in your life.

Before we start celebrating, this is a Law of the Universe and like a high vibration state attracts good things so does the low vibration state and almost with more energy. I often asked myself this question, well if you understand the Law, emotion is linked to vibration and our low vibration state is often link with stronger emotions than if we were in a similar higher vibration. I can almost say that emotional scale with which the universe listens to is unbalanced so when you feel good, milk the feeling. Sad to say this but this is not what we are taught, we are taught or at least I was, that when things go well with you, be humble, don’t brag and almost be happy in silence.

Abraham Hicks teaches us that our emotions is that voice on our navigation system in the car, that lets us know how far we are off our true path.

Paradigms & How they are formed

When I first heard the word “Paradigm” ….I thought what – confusion…but when it was explained to me as being a multitude of habits and a habit is an idea in the sub-conscious mind that you act on without any conscious thought, I then thought …… WOW.

First few years of a child’s life, their brain waves are in Delta, basically they are asleep with their eyes open and as they begin to interact with their environment, their brain waves changed to Theta. Basically, the Theta stage is the twilight stage where you have mystical experiences.

The first six years of a child’s life they are focus on their inner world, feelings. So, when their feelings change, they look to the outside world through the 5 senses to see what change it, this becomes known as an associated memory.

As we grow, we move through the stages of the mind we move from the Theta, just mentioned to Alpha then onto Beta which is our analytical mind. Now this mind serves as a barrier between the conscious and sub-conscious mind.

Understanding the above is the key to understanding why we act the way we do because all that we experienced is stored in the Implicit Memory System in our sub-conscious mind and when situation through life happen to us bringing up emotion which is similar to what is stored we automatically act the way we have been programmed to act without our conscious mind being aware of it.

So, here is a key, we need to find a way to talk to the sub-conscious mind and change the program.

Have you ever, just before going to sleep instructed yourself to wake up a certain in the morning and you do that just before the alarm goes off, well this is because as you were drifting of to sleep your mind goes back into Theta then onto Delta and in this Theta stage you can give it instructions and it will carry them out….. Amazing.

There is a Cheat Sheet – so called short cut

Getting back to the question of what is Manifestation Magic About, well to me it is a cheat sheet so to say. Understanding the above information, a man named Alexander Wilson went through some struggles in his life (You can read about it here), but basically, he developed a program that connects to the correct brain wave in order to change your programming thus changing your life.

Manifestation MagicAll you have to do is select a recording from an App, put some head phones on, make sure you won’t be disturbed for about 10 minutes and press Play.

Some people experience results quickly and others slower, it really depends on who you are and where you are in your inner world at this moment in time in your life. For me, I use it every morning before the family gets up. My results have not been instantaneous but if I take a bird’s eye view, my world has changed.

Believe in the Law and be Happy NOW.








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