What are the Secrets to Happiness?

This is a world wide question, we spend our lifetime searching for the answers as ordinary people but we are not alone, rock stars and the celebrities are also searching for this answer. So, what are the secrets to happiness?

It is so simple but we have been conditioned not to accept the simplicity of the answer, so we keep searching.

Having It AllHaving it all

Look at our celebrities, how many of them have died of an overdose, gone through a couple of marriages and so on, just read the social magazines. In your own mind consider the people that you would think, that have it all and would have no reason why not to be happy.


We read self-help books, we attend seminars, we watch you-tube videos on how to be happy but we never get there Searching for Answersand this article is the same. More information that gives us short term satisfaction and sometimes finding the answer but choose almost sub-consciously to dismiss the solution as we have been conditioned to do, thus keeping searching.

Concepts of happiness

True HappinessWhat is happiness? Some tend to set themselves goals that when I achieve that, I will be happy or need that type of job, then I’ll be happy or if I find the right person to share my life with, then I’ll be happy or the best is when I’m out of debt and financial free then I’ll be on top of the world. Well sorry to burst your bubble this will not happen because of the previous paragraphs, fame and fortune does not bring happiness.

Happiness is when we can take a deep breath and appreciate the time, place and moment that you are in. Where you can feel your soul dancing for joy.

Your thoughts are the key

What do happy people not have in common, bank balances, cars they drive, beautiful partners, houses they live in, the location where they live, jobs they have and the circumstances under which they live. Now what do happy people have in common, their thoughts they think about no matter what the situation.

Happiness is a decision

Yes, that’s the answer, Happiness is a decision. Yes, it is hard to understand the concept because we have been programmed not to make this decision and society makes us believe that it is not so.

Just imagine if we all understood this, how would most products be sold then? I imagine with great difficulty. How are they going to convince you to buy that new car, when happiness is key selling point on the advertisement. Your car, you can imagine the make and model, the driver is smiling from head to toe, being so happy in the car that you want. Your sub-conscious mind is craving that happy feeling, now you are almost there. Better still how do they sell gym memberships or holidays on your dream island. They sell you happiness, so how could we ever think that it would be our decision without a tangible product to give us that feeling.

First step to happiness

Believe that it is your decision, then start changing your thoughts that you think on a daily basis.

This can be overwhelming at first as your mind will not allow you to do this because depending on your age, you have been trained to think a certain way by the number of years before your age now. Scary fact but don’t worry we are here to help.

Through understanding, we can convince our subconscious to listen to us.

Our ProgramWhen we are born and up until the age of 7 years old, we as humans absorb everything that we come into contact through our 5 senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell which forms what we call a paradigm. After the age of seven, a so-called lid goes onto the paradigm forming the subconscious mind thus creating the conscious mind. This is now the program that we are going to live our lives by and believe me the subconscious mind protects this program as part of its main function.

As you can now understand how this program was formed, it was through repetition. So, through repetition we can change this program, just make a decision to change the program.

Changing the program

The use of affirmation is the most common and effective way to alter your program but here’s the thing, affirmations will not work if you do not believe in the process by simply repeating a phrase as most people will tell you to do, will not work.

Choose a phrase that describes the desire you would like to happen in your life, try make it fun and repeat it to yourself over and over again any chance you get with feeling / emotion. (Very Important)

If you cannot drum up any feeling / emotion, stop and try another affirmation that you can resonate with.

Ester Hicks, a well known guru, says if you cannot find an easy feeling on the topic of your desire, go general until you can.

Language of the universeLanguage


What are the secrets to happiness?

Answer: A decision to be happy.

As humans, we find that the universe has funny twist to it. We need to be happy in the situation we are currently in before our world will change.

The language of the universe, is not our understanding of language, it is Vibrations.

With this language, you cannot be dishonest to yourself as it would be like wasting your breath with nobody paying any attention to you. This language is pure in nature and can only be true as it comes from your inner most self where what you actually feel in any situations is communicated to the universe. So, for anything to manifest that you desire, you would have to be truly happy within yourself. There is no conning anyone or manipulating the situation to work in your favor because your vibration will show the universe you true intentions.


The secret to happiness is to be true to yourself, appreciate everything in life and love yourself.


PS: Help along the path

Power of EmotionsHave a look at this book by Ester Hicks,

The Astonishing Power of Emotions:

Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide.


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