The Power is in the Now

We live in past and we dream about the future but mostly we dwell on the past, wondering if we had taken that road, we would be happier now, not realizing that the power is in the NOW.

The Word “NOW”

When your mother or father shouted at your, “come here NOW”, your reacted immediately your did not think, your body sprang into action.

This is how we should live our lives; our thoughts often dwell on the when I’m successful I’ll be happy or when get that dream job we’ll be happy and so on, it’s always “when” or even “if”

One of the guru’s in the Law of Attraction world is Bob Proctor and he talks about we must have a definite purpose and when we live in the NOW, we cannot help but have definite purpose.

Why can’t we live in the NOW?

It’s the same old human nature problem caused by the conditioning we have had since about 7 years old, that forms part of who we are.

We read books, watch movies or your-tube videos and we are told that the power is in the NOW but our light bulb does not go on, so we remain as we were conditioned.

What does living in the NOW mean?

First of all, it’s not magic, it’s a choice and a difficult one at that even though it’s so simple. Here’s an example of me not living in the NOW and I’m writing an article about living in the NOW.

Man & Best FriendTaking our two dogs for walk, who are strong and basically take us for a walk, this past Sunday evening my wife asks me to come with her to take the dogs for walk. I’m immediately not happy because I know that they are going to pull me the whole way, hurting me but I go. Now on the walk instead of enjoying the outdoors and the time with my wife, my mind is working out how I’m going to fix this problem and when I fix it, then I will be able to enjoy my walk in the outdoors with the dogs and my wife. So, your guess it’s not a pleasant walk, who’s fault?

Next time, I’m going to appreciate the pets we have, who watch over us and give us lots of joy, as well as appreciating the time I’m spending in the outdoors with the love of my life and see how I will enjoy the experience.

Pretty Simple, it’s a choice….

Living in the NOW

All guru’s who talk about the Law of Attraction, say happy thoughts create your future, so by living in the NOW, once your are tuned to the way your are thinking, your can look for thoughts that make your happy. Feelings with strong emotions create your world, good or bad and when your start realizing that what your are feeling NOW is creating your tomorrow, I think your are going to urgently want to only think Happy thoughts.

The Power is in the NOW

If we understand that happy thoughts, feelings with strong emotions create our tomorrow then we have to control our thoughts NOW.

We cannot control our past thoughts and we cannot control our future thoughts as we are not there yet, so basically, we can only realistically control the situation we are currently in which will determine tomorrow.

We all have a story, some worse than others but there is absolutely nothing that we are able to do about yesterday, it’s only about what your are doing NOW in your mind, thinking the thoughts that will create your future.

Changing your Living to the ‘NOW”

Believe me this is not an easy way to change to, as your read my example, it takes constant effort because our conditioning was intense and cast in concrete with emotion that we had when our conditioning was happening.

Well, there is a way out.

First step: Make the decision to change and believe with constant effort your will succeed, no halfhearted efforts as they will not work.

Second step: In your daily life, as soon as your find your self thinking about the past, take notice on how your are feeling at that precis moment. Most probably your will be feeling down, immediately disregard your thoughts and think about how grateful your are, appreciate the time and space your are in at that moment, find the positive. This also goes for the future, unless your are thinking how wonderful it will be.

I have recently learn’t of a new meditation technique, it’s in 3 steps

  • Step one, listen and focus on the sounds around your. (this is bringing your to the NOW)
  • Step two, focus on your love ones, the people who your are truly close to. (this brings the strong emotions to the exercise)
  • Step three, visualize what your want, your goals, your desire, the way your want your life to be.


NOW, is the key word.

Put this word up somewhere, so that your can see it as often as possible to remind yourself to live in the now. It will also remind your to take note of what your are thinking about.

Picture a scale, the old fashion one where it balance’s on a center point. One side is positive and the other side is negative. The universe will do a calculation and give to your the winning side (heaviest), the balance of your thoughts. So some advice. Pay attention!

You will not be able to control all your thoughts because of your conditioning, your mind will constantly take your back, especially now that your have been made aware of the power.

Lastly; relax, analyze your thoughts, appreciate them and change them, remember the power is in the NOW.


Two books that will help you on your journey by Eckhart Tolle, New York Times bestselling author.The Power of Now




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Practicing The Power of Now

“ A spiritual teacher and author who was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge, is rapidly emerging as one of the world’s most inspiring spiritual teachers. His views go beyond any particular religion, doctrine, or guru. In The Power of Now and his subsequent book Practicing the Power of Now, Eckhart shares the enlightenment he himself experienced after a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life.”

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  1. Prav

    Got it mate. NOW is the time to stay happy. Thank you for giving the simple mantra of life

  2. Kathy

    I enjoyed this article, as I believe in law of attraction and the power of thought. You are right that we can’t change the past, but we can learn from it. Seeing the positive in a negative situation such as when you walked the dogs is a great way of boosting your state of vibration. Thinking happy thoughts has a physical effect on the brain as well, releasing feel good hormones.

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