The Breath

If you were able to do the simplest exercise to change your world, would you not do it? Dr Joe Dispenza’s explains the breath on why and how to do it.

Source: Inspiration for this post came from Dr Joe Dispenza’s YouTube Video. I hope that you are able to draw the same inspiration as I have from watching this video.

Introduction to the Breath

If you are a student of the Law of Attraction, well then you will know that alignment with your true self is what you want to achieve before you can attract your desires into your life. The breath is the way to achieve this.

Purpose of the Breath


This made sound a bit ridiculous but it is to pull the mind out of the body. To take all the energy from our first three centre’s up through the body.

Everyone’s consciousness, energy and feelings are continuously sending energy in the form of thoughts which carry information to our first three energy centres which are our survival ones.  These thoughts produce a chemical called neuropeptides which intern signal our hormonal centres which make you feel a certain way.


Now if you keep on thinking the same thoughts, your body keeps producing the same chemical signalling the same centres, making you feel the same way, thus creating similar thoughts and the cycle continuous. You are now stuck in a loop and your body has become your mind.

If we are living by these three survival centres in our daily lives, we are drawing energy away from the centres thus diminishing the field around our bodies and becoming more matter. The very chemicals in our bodies that give us life are now working against us, causing us to be separate from our field, called the quantum field.


Your body is a magnet, with the head being the North Pole and the base of your spine being the south. We all know that a magnet has an invisible electromagnetic field and if we are diminishing our field through our thoughts, we our destroying our electromagnetic field and our body is becoming a piece of metal and not a magnet as it should be.

So, by using the breath we can restore energy back into our field.

How it Works

Inhale slowly with one continuous breath, starting with contracting your muscles at the bottom of the spine, moving the breath slowly up the spine locking the centres one by one as you move past them by pulling your belly button towards your spine, going up past your chest, up past throat and into the back of your head.  Place your focus onto the top of head as this is where the energy will go and hold your breath, squeezing the mussel you have just used along the route. Exhale after a short period to allow you to repeat the process.

Cerebral Spinal Fluid is made of charged molecules, proteins, salts and solution and when you accelerate charged molecules, you create an invisible field called inductance field that moves in the direction of the charged molecule.

Now the more charged molecules you accelerated up your spinal fluid the bigger the inductance field you create, causing the energy to be released back into the brain switching on the sympathetic nervous system driving energy hitting the pineal gland which in turn upgrades your chemicals in your body and sending out very different signals, allowing you to escape from living in survival mode.

While Doing the Breath

Remember that while you are doing the breath, you must concentrate on feeling the energy move up your spine and into brain squeezing the pineal gland as well as visualizing your true self.


How Long ?

We all don’t want to be monastery monks, so remember that this exercise is to purely align ourselves in order to live a better life. You must create a habit and the way to do this is to do something for 90 days then it will second nature to you. Start small as you want to also create the want to do it, sit down for just 5 minutes a day building to max of 15, never longer. Remember we don’t want to become monks. When thinking of time also remember that this exercise must now become part of your life to have an effect on it.

My Story

Remember, I’m not the expert here, I’m just on a journey to live a better life and I’m inspired to help people along the way.

I have, as well just started the breath. I started with just 3 minutes as I found it to be quite strenuous and difficult to grasp, it’s quite a mechanical sequence that you have to master. I’m now up to 5 minutes a day and I’m finding that the time fly’s, almost disappointing when the timer comes to the end. I also find that I now having a sense of lightness and an extra spring in my step.

While doing the breath I also use the manifesting magic app and play a track that I chose for the duration of the timer, a very enjoyable experience. If you are interested in the app to assist you as well then click the link below or go check out my review on Manifesting Magic here.

My Affiliate Disclosure,

As the owner of this website, I have tracked the best deals through my experience and research for the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page and make a purchase, I may get a small commission for the effort I’ve put in, to bring you the knowledge. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure.


I think that this is a discovery of a life time, making it part of my life from here onwards is a priority. To understand the why and the how puts it into perspective as well makes me realize that we are not just flesh and bone but vibrational beings put on this earth to live physical lives. The sooner we get to realizing that we need to look after our spiritual side the better we are going to be to live in this physical world and create our own life experience’s  

Lastly watch the video on Dr Joe Dispenza’s, get your app and change your life, only you can do it.

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  1. David B

    Very nice way to start the day for myself. A good read with the focus on the first three centres, well done

    1. Barry

      Thanks David, I tried it in bed first and when I started feeling the difference, I sat up.
      Regards Barry

  2. Russ

    Great Article! Thisn si very interestign and soemthing I am going to try. I personally am getting tire dof the life I live and want to be a bit more at eae with myself. I will let you know how I get on with this. Thanks again

    1. Barry

      Hi Russ, let me know how it goes. This to me is the first step to change your life. Been down the bumpy road of life and have earned loads of T-shirts along the way and only when I started going within, did my path start changing. Good-luck. Regards Barry

  3. A Darius

    Thank you for sharing this information,I really enjoyed it
    Best regards!

  4. Andy

    Hi Barry
    This sounds very much like a classic chakra meditation technique. It reminds me of a similar one which involves extremely long and slow breaths. With each inward breath you progress up the front of the spine pausing on each chakra in turn “spinning them” until your reach nearly the end of the inward breath and you give the crown chakra a spin. Then the exhale goes down the back of the spine and you repeat with the inhale. It is quite a potent technique.
    Best regards

    1. Barry

      Hi Andy, My brother is more of an expert at this than me and he also explained to me the method you have just told me about but at this stage in my life I tried to go for the simple act. This is the reason why I have chosen this method, it’s simple and effective, who know’s as I perfect this, I might move on to the more complicated one’s. Thanks for sharing. Regards Barry

  5. Courtney

    Hi Barry,

    I just tried this and it is very strenuous for me. I will have to build up my breath slowly but surely. I do feel something and I am going to start doing this on a daily basis. Thanks for opening my eyes.


    1. Barry

      Hi Courtney, You are right, it was and is strenuous for me as well. Remember it is a mechanical exercise design to move your spinal fluid up your spine, to aid the release of chemicals. That’s why, limit your time, even start with 1 min a day, just to create the habit first. Good Luck. Regards Barry

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