The Art of Allowing

You have been taught to work hard through life from a young age but what if I tell you that you don’t have to any more. How will this affect you and why? In this blog post, I will leave you with some of my thoughts on the art of allowing and your world will change as you know it. For a quick disclaimer, not the expert here, just having lived life with some challenges along the way.


Our Friend Mr Google: “The “art of allowing” with the Law of Attraction means being ready to receive the abundance, love, well-being, or anything else you’ve been trying to attract. … The art of allowing these things involves deliberately shifting your thoughts and feelings into the state of already HAVING them.”


This art of allowing is one of the important factors that influences the Law of Attraction, as it happens in our minds with our thoughts and feelings. It’s not to be taken as not doing work, it’s about doing the work with inspired action, feeling good while doing the work.

When our parents told us to work hard, what did it mean or rather what did your subconscious mind think about the subject?

Our Friend Mr Google Says: “a great deal of effort or endurance.”

So basically, your subconscious mind is thinking, in order to achieve you need to work hard. Meaning, pain for a long period of time until  you achieve your goal or objective. Only then will the pain be over and  you’ll  be able to enjoy life. Scary Thoughts!

Basic Rules for Alignment

Seek Happiness and Joy !!


Being in alignment with your true self, known as your inner being. In layman’s terms it is when your heart, your thoughts and your feelings are in congruent with each other. To know what you want with every fibre of your body and feeling good about the way you feel.

Why most people think that that law of attraction does not work is because they are out of alignment with themselves. They will tell you that they know what they want but what they don’t tell you is that they have a big fear of not achieving it so they work harder which then intensifies the fear which again makes them work harder and so on.

Law of Attraction Steps

Step 1: Contrast happens in our lives. (Negative situations in our life, which then allows us to know what we do not want.)

Step 2: We ask what we want. (Because of step 1, showing us what we don’t want.)

Step 3: Allowing, getting ready for what we have asked for.

Then the cycle goes back to step 1, life happens.


Understanding the Steps

Step 1 is the place where most of us are stuck in. Life is happening around us and we are working hard at it, experiencing the ups and downs with out knowing that we should be moving onto step 2,  asking  for what we want.

How do we ask, well it’s simple. Speak the words of exactly what you want and write them down. In basic terms, its goal setting. Step 2 completed.

Step 3, believe that for that which you have asked for, is on it’s way and allowing the universe to give it to you.



But while you have moved out of step 1 and onto step 2 and 3. Step 1 starts all over again with another life situation. Now you do the same thing over again, move out of step 1 and onto step 2 and 3.

Now you must pay attention here, if the second ask is now in contradiction to the first ask, you will confuse the universe and  will not know what to deliver to you until you clear the matter up.

So, by now you know that step 1 is happening all the time and you move out of step 1 onto steps 2 and 3 briefly then back to step 1. They way I understand it is that this is the way that universe double checks with you all the time to check if you have not change your mind and when you really know what you want and you have asked in such a way that there is no confusion, the universe will deliver. But remember it knows best and you must trust that it will deliver at the perfect time.

A Simple Story

As I have told you, I’m not the expert just on a journey, changing my thoughts because I was that person that drove myself, working hard to achieve. The other day I needed to speak to my son about a sensitive subject and I was getting worked up within myself to talk to him. I caught myself in this frame of mind, I immediately said to myself the universe knows the situation and what my intentions are so I will now allow the universe to present me with the perfect time and place for me to talk to my son. The next day my son came to me and we had the perfect conversation. After this I thought WOW, I have now learnt my lesson, on a small scale of course.

In Conclusion

The art of allowing is knowing what you want, down to the final detail, along with the thoughts and most all the feelings with the belief that the universe will deliver it to you.


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  1. Miriam

    I’ve heard about this and have been curious about it, now that I have read. I’m going to keep reading up on this and make it work for me. I think you are doing some really amazing work here. Keep the world informed. I would love to hear more on this. Thank you.

    1. Barry

      Thanks Miriam, appreciate the encouragement. This really a pleasant journey that i’m on and fulfilling. Regards Barry

  2. Matt Lin

    Hi Barry,

    My friend introduced the law of attraction 15 years ago, and 15 years passed, I am still practicing every day. I must admit that the art of allowing is close to visualization. It’s to visualize things you don’t have, but you wish you have, so it will become so real once you visualize every detail for that stuff you want.

    I practice so many times about asking what I want in my mind when the reality is the opposite, and the results are usually brighter than it used to be. I believe it might be difficult at first, but it’s great to let the universe connect you with something you want. Right?


    1. Barry

      Hi Matt, So many of us, try force this law and it does not work like that, only once we release all forms of resistance do things start coming right. I have been on this course for about 25 years and only in the last 5, have the pennies dropped. Regards Barry

  3. Hannie

    Isn’t our journey through live marvelous? I think I have – maybe partly – followed the same track as you did. It’s amazing what can happen, isn’t it 🙂
    Great post!

    1. Barry

      Hi Hannie, you are right, Life is amazing. Thanks for your comment. Regards Barry

  4. Kathy

    I’m definitely a believer in law of attraction and the art of allowing, having studied many Abraham and Esther Hicks videos. I use it daily in my through goal setting and often find silently asking does bring small results. Some may they’re coincidences but I believe otherwise:) Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Barry

      Thanks Kathy, Abraham says that the only difference between the large and small results is our vibrational state. Our own resistance to the big results. Keeping watching, I’m doing the same. Thanks for your comment. Regards Barry

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