Manifestation Magic Review

What is Manifestation Magic?Manifestation-Magic

It’s is an “APP” on your cell phone that you are able to listen to specific tracks, designed to raise your vibration in order to attract good things into your life through the Law of Attraction.

These tracks contain hidden NLP commands which act as seeds to plant in your subconscious mind.

NLP is a powerful technology built around the best schools of psychotherapy and hypnosis. It allows you to “program” your subconscious mind – planting seeds into the fertile ground of your mind and heart, meaning you can listen to these tracks before going to sleep and change what you think, putting no effort at all.

Manifestation Magic always contains the best of brainwave entrainment, which trains the brain to operate at a higher frequency and is built around the Solfeggio scales, tones that will heal you and help manifest miracles in your life.

What it looks LikeManifestation-Magic

You have a Home Screen, this is the loading screen that takes you to the second screen which has 4 icons on which you now have to make a selection on which one want, this is also depended on what you purchased.

  • The Abundance Miracle
  • Manifestation Magic
  • The Millionarie Mind Makeover
  • Sound Healing Magic

Now clicking onto any one of the top icons, it will take you to a screen with two choices, Audio and ebook. Now you must choose whether you want to listen or read an ebook.

Now for the Sceptics

If you were not a believer in the Law of Attraction, please check out this blog post first before continuing and for the believers my opinion is that since I have used this product for over a year now, there are many you-tube videos out there that have sound tracks on them that you can to listen to but here you have, in one spot a selection of the best tracks that technology can offer that can influence your sub-conscious mind for the purpose of making your life better, on your device and all you have to do is press play.

Manifestation-MagicSay you have one of those nights you can’t sleep, well just take your phone select a track and before long, you will be sound asleep. This alone is great plus.

Say you are having one of those days that just does not feel right and you can feel yourself leaning towards the negative side, select a track and press play. Then 10 min later you will be on your way.

For the claims that you will manifest loads of money in a relatively short period of time. I say, be realistic not that I say it won’t happen but no-body can guarantee that. It takes a lot of understanding of the law of attraction to achieve this, which is a journey and this is only a part of it to get aligned with your true self.

Take it as being a tool, for the student of the Law of Attraction, just like an electrical meter is tool for an Electrician.

For the Big Question

How much would you pay for an application that has the best schools of psychotherapy and hypnosis in it’s tracks that will serve you at any time of day or night on your path to discovering your true potential in life.

I would say priceless but this concept cannot be understood until you reach it, so they sell the APP for just 47 Dollars, once off… for life.



I would say this is an amazing deal.

I can say they have come to the party on this deal as I have lost my code, changing phones and all they did was send me a new one.

An additional advantage is that you can go on their Website as a member and download the tracks and listen to them on your computer, if you so wish.

How to get it?Manifestation-Magic

Click the Link provided and it will take you to video and sales page that explains in detail, how we can use this technology to our advantage.

Once you have purchased the product you will be emailed a code in order to unlock your tracks.

Download the APP from the play store and insert your code. You are now all set for the rest of your life as this APP gets updated as new technology is discovered or is improved. Latest one March 2020.

In Conclusion

Manifestation-Magic-ReviewThis is an amazing product to use as a tool for the Law of Attraction student and for a ones purchase price of 47 dollars to have for a life time with upgrades as they come, is amazing.Manifestation-Magic

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  1. Tom


    Really interesting article. I am a believer in the law of attraction and I believe that if you add value to people on the right platforms, and in the right places then you will attract the right kind of person. Especially in the business world, this is really important.

    I’ve not tried any products like this before or read books on this, but I know a lot of people who have and they are telling me to do the same. I am not a skeptic, I just haven’t really got around to it.

    If I do eventually look deeper into this then I will let you know, and I will give you my own review of the products.

    Thank you for attracting me closer to the law of attraction and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


    1. Barry

      Hi Tom, Thank-you for your honesty. All I can say, listen to your people or better still, to your inter self.
      Thanks again, regards Barry.

  2. Delqna2001

    Thank you for this informational post. I have read the book The Secret. It really reminded me of your post. I believe they are based on the same principles and since I really like the book I will take a look the product you’re talking about.

    1. Barry

      Thanks Delqna, for your comment always appreciated. Let us know how you find it.
      Regards Barry

  3. Paul Thomas

    very interesting review a lot of good details about the app and what it can give to you.

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