How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

When reading articles about how to raise your vibrational frequency, my mind wonders….. does this stuff really work and what’s the point, let’s just get through life?

In my opinion, this question really comes down to where you are in life and what answers you are searching for. With a very low percentage of people actually enjoying life and not having to par take in the rat race, we find the older we get the more we have the need in finding the answers. I put myself in this category. I’m no means an expert just having had the struggle.

We all want to feel goodFreedom

The basic way to feeling good is through the enjoyment of activities whether it is, spending time with friends, working or doing sport etc. The activities you choose to do really depends on your personality, whether you like outdoors, being on your own or with other people. These feeling good activities, sometimes have consequences, like hang overs, sport injuries, upset friendships or only doing the activity to please someone else and not being true to yourself, peer pressure.

Feeling good activities

They raise our positive vibrations because if you are enjoying yourself, you cannot think negatively. Positive and Negative vibrations are two sides of a coin and you cannot be on the same side at the same time. Your thoughts, actions and words are extremely important to either have a negative vibration or a positive vibration.

To truly raise your positive vibration,

One needs to be comfortable with one’s true self, else you will be constantly moving between the positive and the negative. Moving forward on the dominate vibration whether it is negative or positive is ultimately your choice but understand the consequences.

10 Ways to raise your vibrations

  1. Be aware of your thoughts, what percentage of your thoughts are positive.
  2. Meditation, being by yourself, quiet your mind and listen.
  3. Foods you eat
  4. Reduce your drug & alcohol use
  5. What Music are you listening to?
  6. Aware of your home environment
  7. Limit television
  8. Vibrational Levels of friends, acquaintances and extended family
  9. Practice random acts of kindness & expect nothing in return
  10. Compassion and Forgiveness

Now taking the first point, be conscious of your thoughts. This would be easy to do in way as nobody can see what you are doing in your mind. So, you safe to start making small changes. No mistake this is hard and if you have had a negative mind for most of your life, you have a mountain to climb, therefore you will need additional help from the other points. The problem with this is that the mind will fight you and will encourage you to go back to your old ways. So, the starting point is just to be aware of your thoughts, start noticing and allow yourselves to experience your thoughts and soon through the natural course you will want to think positive but don’t rush this process.

Wise with Words: the words you speak and think carry their own powerful vibrational resonance and whether you talk ill about someone else or towards yourself, there is no difference. When we gossip, complain or put others down we align ourselves on a negative vibrational path. When we speak and reflect without judgment, understanding that our words carry their own frequency, we begin to raise our vibration.

MeditationThe second point, Meditation. If you live with your family and have no place or space you can go to be quiet, this is a challenge. Don’t sweat it, Meditation is a science on its own but for the normal average Joey, remembering you need assistance with the first point, take a minute, close your eyes, be quiet and empty your mind by breathing deeper than normal for a set minute. Don’t worry about how you are doing it, just do it and be consistent about it. A minute is not long, I can tell you placers that you won’t be disturbed for this length of time, but I won’t.

This 3rd and 4th point is now going to take you out of your comfort zone, basically it’s telling us to have a healthy lifestyle. If this is really challenging for you, take small steps that no one can notice remembering this is a journey and for things to change it must be easy, wait for your “want” but walk in the direction of the change. No-body must take my beer away from me, it some times gives me a higher vibration but obviously there are consequences of too much which will then take you down as fast as the roller coaster does the loop.

Music, our 5th point, be conscious of what you are listening too. We all can all agree that music, are the words of Musicthe soul, therefore if you are wanting to change your thoughts be careful of what you are listening to. For example, if your heart is broken and want to mend it but keep listening to sad songs, this an’t going to help you. If you are preparing for a fight but listen to soft soothing music, once again ..not going to help. Music is a tool use it wisely.

Now we are getting personal at number 6, beware of your home environment. Depending on who you are in your home, will depend on whether you are able to do anything about it. If you are in the position that you cannot do anything, concentrate on the other points and by the changes that will develop in you, this will affect the others in a positive way but be patient.

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics”- Albert Einstein

Number 7. The television set, many arguments have been had over this box. We can also some this up, stop watching other peoples lives and live yours. The way the subconscious mind gets influenced is through repetition, so the more TV you watch of the same kind of program, you are programming your mind by default. This concept carries onto the next point, number 8. Your friends and acquaintances, will program you by the default settings whether it being positive or negative. Therefore, if you have a choice, choose wisely.

Getting to our second last point, be careful to just start doing this. Depending on, in which country you live in this could be dangerous. Do it when the situation is right but I would advise to first get to a stage of understanding where you are first, as you could get taking for a ride.

Lastly, this is a big ask of anyone, to forgive and have compassion towards people who have harmed you but find it in your heart to do so as this will nullify all your efforts above if you don’t. Just Let it Go.

Why you definitely want to raise your vibrational frequency!

Why? Because your life expands when you’re living in a higher vibrational frequency. When you move up the ladder vibrationally it affects your reality and your life begins to flow in many areas, from your relationships and health to your career and finances.

In Conclusion,

A Journey begins with the first step and there is no end, just take the first step.Manifestation-Magic

Decide to raise your vibrational frequency.

PS: There is additional Help out there, to raise your Vibrations. Try Manifestation Magic, an app that you can down load to your phone that will help you raise your vibrations, any place at any time just by putting in your ear piece and pressing PLAY.

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  1. Russ

    Great post. I think especially in times like now with the dreaded corona virus being present its essential to ‘tune in’ to yourself. Ill take a look at the app you suggest also. thank you

    1. Barry

      Hi Russ, Thanks for your comment. Let me know your thoughts on the App. I have had for a year now, it’s part of my morning routine, to listen to one track. Takes 10 mins. Regards Barry

  2. markD

    Vibrational frequency , what a great topic, I haven’t heard some of those things explained like that before. I had wondered about that sort of thing but now you have clarified it for me a bit more its very useful that you have broken it down into steps for me and now i know where to take action to change my life for the better thanks , well said

    1. Barry

      Hi Mark, They say all knowledge / wisdom comes from being in trouble yourself and this is no different with me. I had to pick myself up from a difficult space and this is where my writing comes from. Thanks for your comment. Regards Barry.

  3. Bob Hernandez

    Excellent points. I sort of get lost on the “vibrational frequency” thing… it comes off as being a little too far out there, but the points you made are valid and rooted in this world. I typically will try to work from my PC listening to binaural beats and I find that I’m able to focus better and power thru tasks at hand and I really enjoy the time alone with my thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Barry

      Hi Bob, I enjoyed your comment on “listening to binaural beasts” Any person that is comfortable with themselves has a good vibration.
      Regards Barry.

  4. Jeff

    I thank you for sharing how to raise your vibration frequency, and in the past, I was a very negative person from an abusive childhood and an abusive adulthood. Everyone can reprogram their attitude to being more positive with the techniques you share, and the two I use regularly are meditation and music to stay in a positive mood.

    I do plan to add some of your suggestions into my daily routine


    1. Barry

      Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing. It’s amazing how people can heal themselves but If you agree has to come from with-in and this can only come from meditation, it’s a process. I have a friend, who has a big struggle at the moment from the past and all my knowledge I cannot help at this point because he does not want it. So I admire you. Regards Barry

  5. Rajith

    Hi Barry,

    Another great article. I love meditating and I can resonate with the points you have mentioned here. I really loved the fact that you mentioned about reducing TV time. This is absolutely a must these days as TV channels are full of junk. They just arouse emotions in order to to keep us glued to the TV so they can earn more advertising money.

    Also one question, is the concept of vibrational frequency is same as aura?

    1. Barry

      Hi Rajith, Thanks for your comment, I agree with you but still some days I get sucked into the box and regret it afterwards because once you understand your vibrations, you can notice when it shifts. Your question, I’m not an expert but I would say yes. I was sitting in church once and I noticed a mystical white light around the minister, not sure if everyone could see it but I put this down to the aura of the person and don’t think that he could achieve this without having a high vibration at that point. Regards Barry

  6. Louise

    This concept reminds me a lot of ‘mindfulness’ and how we all need to practice being present in the moment to improve our happiness. A really great and thorough post, I am going to try out a lot of these techniques :).

    1. Barry

      Hi Louise, thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. Drop me a note once you have tried some of the techniques, would really like to get your feedback. Regards Barry

  7. Mick

    Hey, Barry, great post and a topic that I can relate to.

    If only people knew their sole purpose, where they came from, what we are doing here and where we go when it is the right time, then everybody would have a totally different outlook, but we are here to be challenged and some people find that path whilst others are just not open to it.

    All there is in the universe is “Energy” and when you can understand that this energy has intelligence then amazing things can happen.

    Meditation is key in my daily routine along with Reiki. Energy work, chakras etc

    Raising our vibration is key to our wellbeing but did you know that if you raise it high enough you can experience OBEs (Out of body experiences)? Answers to anything you are looking for is at your fingertips.

    Truly mindboggling and this tells us who we really are.

    Great post, really enjoyed it


    1. Barry

      Thanks Mick, these are encouraging words, appreciate it. Yes I’m aware of the OBEs but have not achieve them yet, still on the journey. Regards

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