Hello and a warm welcome to The Law of Attraction World, here you will learn all the in’s and out’s about this Law to be able to live amazing lives.

How I Discovered the Law

I was always a positive person, putting a huge amounts of pressure on myself to be positive but still failing in my own business and loosing everything. From the deep dark pit I found myself in, I had to find a way out so I started researching, almost just to keep myself from just ending it all. The discovery I made was this law and it was different from just being Positive, it was about being happy and good things will start happening in your life. It is that simple, hard to believe at first but true.

Why I would Like to Help.

Just look at the news of what is happening in the world today, people are getting desperate for everything. I look at my work colleges and see the stress that we are all under trying to make ends meet. This is because in most industries competition are going down because the Competition is so huge but yet the end user is paying more. Employees have to work harder for less under huge stress, how do you come up with ideas that can change the company’s path or your own under these conditions, I would say impossible.

In my book, this is not the way to live.

I would like to guide you into changing your circumstance and creating a life that you are excited to get up to in the morning because this is the way that we were intended to live.

There are huge amounts of people that have dismissed this Law as a Hokes but I’m sorry to tell them, that they are just on the default setting as this Laws is in existence, same as the Law of gravity is.

Best we use it to our advantage and I can Help you do that.


Our Mission

We provide products and content of value that will show people round the world on how to change or improve their lives, so that they are able to achieve their goals and dreams to live meaningful lives.

All the best,


Email: barry@mylawofattractionworld.com